Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Garden

One of the most frustrating parts about no spray farming/gardening is the weed issue. It seems like a never-ending process, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. We skipped Tuesday Market this week to try and find the potatoes. Yes, find them. We had ragweed in the garden that was more than waist high. The poor potatoes were looking pretty spindly when we finally pulled out the weeds around them. We're not quite done yet, but we've completed enough to make it feel less daunting. Our fingers are stiff and sore, but today was a lovely day away from the garden.

We're so close to having peas. It's been a strange spring. This time last year, we had peas coming out our ears. Some of the volunteer pea plants in the garden have babies that are may
be half and inch long on them. There are plenty of blooms, and the plants themselves are looking great. I'm feeling a little impatient: peas are my favorite spring vegetable.

We're close to picking garlic. Mom and I pulled some for Scott and me to take to Elko. It was delicious. Mom and Curt are talking about putting on a garlic braiding clinic out at the house for interested customers.

Baby Joanna is growing. It's amazing to see how much she changes each week we see her. She's become a lot more aware of her surroundings and loves to watch people.

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