Monday, June 29, 2009


We're excited to have red, white and blue potatoes in time for the Fourth of July this weekend. We'll have a combination of regular red, Yukon Gold, Purple Majesty and Red Thumb potatoes mixed together in bags for Market starting this Tuesday at Edwards. Potatoes are one of our favorite parts about the garden. There's not much better than roasted potatoes to go along with barbecue over the summer.

Along with potatoes, the other new produce we *finally* have are shelling peas. It's been a bizarre season so far. Peas took forever, and it's looking like we'll have a few tomatoes for home use for the Fourth.

We also have some baseball-sized watermelons that are growing quickly. Melons are Mom's favorite part of the garden. She's counting down until we have Crenshaws. With the recent hot weather, it's been fun to go out into the garden to see what new things we can find. It's sort of like an Easter Egg hunt for grownups. Sometimes, I feel like a little kid with how excited I get about finding goodies.

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